Zohreh Davoudi, Ph.D.

Department of Physics University of Maryland, College Park

I am an Assistant Professor of Physics and a Fellow of RIKEN Research Center. The focus of my research is on simulating complex systems in nature arising from the most fundamental particles and interactions underlying them, or their effective descriptions. Here you will have a glimpse into my research and educational activities as a theoretical physicist.

Research Priorities

My research can be cast into four categories shown below. The underlying theme is to use simulation tools, classical and quantum, to study complex systems in nature arising from interactions of the Standard Model of Particle physics, in particular the strong interactions.


Developing the mapping between physical quantities such as multi-hadron scattering amplitudes and transition rates and the numerical simulation of strong interactions in a finite discretized spacetime. 

Research Group

Search is open for a post-doctoral research position in the interface of Nuclear Theory and Quantum Information Science, with a focus on analog quantum simulations with atomic and optical platforms.

Research position openings for Fall 2021 start date:



Post-doc researcher



Post-doc researcher




Post-doc researcher




Ph.D. student and research assistant

In addition to working with my group members, I have enjoyed being part of many fruitful collaborations.

Media Appearance Highlight

The 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate at the American Museum of Natural History, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Panelists: David Chalmers (NYU), Zohreh Davoudi (MIT), James Gates (University of Maryland), Lisa Randall (Harvard), and Max Tegmark (MIT).

Science Outreach Highlight

TED-ED lesson on "Are we living in a simulation?". Lesson writer: Zohreh Davoudi. Directed by Eoin Duffy, narrated by Christina Greer, music by QB Sound.

Research explained...

April 2020

"Charting a Course Toward Quantum Simulations of Nuclear Physics", a piece written by Bailey Bedford of the Joint Quantum Institute regarding our work on analog simulations of gauge theories.

Spring 2017

"Nuclear Physics in the Spotlight: From exploring nature’s most extreme environments to testing its most fundamental symmetries", invited contribution to KITP's newsletter

Winter 2019

"Is the Universe Real?", Brian Bergstein's piece in Medium.com regarding our paper on simulation hypothesis.                                                                                                                                

Winter 2016

"Proton-Proton Fusion: Powering the Sun: Large-scale simulations of quarks promise precise view of reactions of astrophysical importance.", Department of Energy's Office of Science Highlight.

Spring 2019

An interview by Matthew Wright of the University of Maryland regarding my research awarded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.                                                          

Winter 2013

A general-audience presentation of my work on simulation hypothesis with Martin Savage and Silas Beane. The images and text are based on a talk presented at the Art Institute of Seattle .

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